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Lola May empowers women to feel confident by creating wearable, in-house designs with a playful twist. Founded in the UK in 2014, we have been working hard to make you feel beautiful ever since. We believe fashion is all about having a good time; clothes are not just functional everyday items but something we should have fun with. Whatever look you want to create, you can - that is what Lola May stands for. Colour, texture and quality are at the heart of LM, we encourage everyone to embrace themselves. Be a LM girl.




Our Manchester studio is where the magic happens, from the initial ideas to the final sketches. Each piece is meticulously crafted to meet our high standards and reflects how we envisioned it; each is the result of the minds of our in-house design team.


We also work with sustainable and recycled materials to create a more ethical fashion future. We understand that, collectively, we want to be a part of building a more environmentally conscious industry and to live a little more mindfully. 

All of our garments are created with timeless details to suit any body type and to stand the test of time. We don't limit ourselves to one style, just as there is no one type of Lola May Girl - no matter the age, the mood, the occasion. We make clothes to chill, to go out on coffee dates, to have fun, and to experience all the adventures of life. Lola May Girls are the storytellers; we create the elements, and you dress them up to tell your own tale. 



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