We welcomed the snake print frenzy into our lives at the end of 2018 and within a few months it seems to have over thrown the most popular of the animal prints…Leopard, becoming the new alternative, experimental staple. Thrilling if you're totally over the long regime of Leopard print. Snake prints typical colour palette is a mix of greys and browns classing it as a neutral. (Great news for our closet collection - as the all beige / neutral trend is with us for the year.) Making it perfect to pair with anything earthy toned but also meaning it's extremely open and can be pieced together with essentially any colour. Which is ideal if you’re attempting to liven up a basic outfit, for many of us that might conclude of all black or the standard blue mom jeans. Perhaps the reason everyone has gone wild for its aesthetic!

 This isn’t only versatile in styling - With it being in such huge demand the complex design has been placed on almost every garment possible - from outwear,top,bottoms, shoes and all accessories. Supplying you with an endless choice - which might become a bit daunting! So below we’ve listed some of our favourite Lola May must-have Snake print pieces carefully designed for any occasion and time.

 We think our Snake print Boxy Button Down Cropped Blouse, has endless styling potential! Look killer and pair it with the matching co-ord midi skirt or rock it with some high waist jeans for that cool effortless look!

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