2018 is almost here so what better way to start the year than with Spring /Summer trends that are red hot off the runway. From styling with sheer to colouring it crayola, SS trends have already started to make a sublime appearance...we see some of our favourite staple pieces re-worked each year to shape the foundations of our seasonal wardrobe, here's what we're loving so far.


So it seems that in 2018 we're going to see through the year in well...anything see through, as Dior and D&G prove that it's not just about what's on top that scores you outfit points. If you don't fancy baring all, layering up sheer fabrics with a basic T-shirt or dress is the way to go. The transparent trend dominated SS18 runways, proving that it might be time to get that matching underwear out...


We are slowly but surely waving goodbye to this years pretty pastels as we get ready to replace our wardrobe with anything Crayola coloured...who'd have thought that 20 years later we'd be taking inspiration from our primary school pencil case? But, it works! Opting for Scarlet reds and royal blues is what next year's going to be about, so if you're feeling colour confident then this trend is definitely one to master alongside that from Agnona.



Yep, the trench coat is not going anywhere fast...over the past few years we've seen a re-work of this contemporary staple piece, that has been the foundation of our wardrobe for a long time (and we're not bored of it yet). Next year we should expect to see the trench in it's usual neutral hue, but bigger and better...catwalk collections proved the trench in all sorts of unexpected ways, we saw layers and re-worked corsets giving the trench coat a whole new visage.


So, if you're feeling fearless enough to opt for Kim K's favourite Yeezy Vinyl boots then this trend is definitely one to follow. We saw this plastic fantastic craze hit the catwalks for SS18 from the likes of Marc Jacobs, giving us some intense futuristic feels. But, if you don't want to master the straight off the catwalk look then opting for transparent embellishments will do just fine. PVC pieces are definitely going to be 2018's hot topic!


Opting for denim everything is what 2018 is all about, and we're no longer scared of doubling it up. We saw recent collections styling it like the 90s in head to toe denim, whether it be a dress or a two-piece, we are loving this casual-chic look. This fabric had a major presence on runways just-gone, proving all shapes and shades of indigo.

 x Merry Christmas from everyone at Lola May x

Keep any eye out for all SS18 designs arriving in the New Year!