Sisters Kendall and Kylie are still the hot topic from everybody's favourite Californian carnival, Coachella...Is it any surprise that the Jenner's showed off some of Springs hottest go-to fashion trends at the biggest festival of the year? We think not! They have kicked off festival season with some serious fashion goals, proving they are more than just half sisters to the Kardashian let's talk a little appreciation!

Whether you're jealous of the Jenner's or not it's only fair to admit that they have graced us with their unparalleled presence in the glamorous world of modelling, reality TV and business...proving that they are without a doubt, two of the most talked about siblings of this generation (Gigi and Bella following right behind). From Californian-inspired capsule collections to starring on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we can't help but be drawn to their distinctive fashion trends, who they're hanging out with and who they're dating.

First things first, we're all crushing on Kendall and Kylie's recent wild and wonderful festival fashion...catching all eyes at Coachella. Selfies, sequins and snakeskin...because who needs paps when you've got your sister to get the perfect snap for you? We caught sight of the two sisters topping the list for festival-goer gear that we're all desperate to master now that festival season is upon us, is there anything these two can't pull off? Between Bumble Dating App hosting, after-raves and awkward encounters...the Jenner's certainly made the majority of the weekends most strident festivities. Proving that no sum of a-lister prestige can make you resistant to run-ins with your ex!


Let's face it the two sisters have made a stamp on almost every industry, whether we like it or not their businesses are booming! Kylie has given us a lot of lip recently...with a hands on launch of her new 'Kylie Cosmetics' collection, which reached global success. All in just two years the Jenner sisters have been the creative forces behind the Kendall and Kylie collection, where they haven't been afraid to get their hands dirty (their involvement is greater than you think!). Their high demand for modelling collaboration does not go a miss, both proving to be today's it-girls. Just last year alone Kendall landed five Vogue magazine covers and walked in over fifty runway that's impressive.


Last but not least the two sisters are major members of the friendship group we all want to be part of, taking girl gang squad envy to the next level. From Jordyn Woods to Hailey Baldwin this girl squad is nothing short of celebrity stardom, have you ever seen such a beautiful bunch? Kendall and Kylie might have created the coolest...and wealthiest girl gang and we just can't help but to follow their every move! So, how do we qualify?